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“Intellectual dishonesty is pure poison…” — Edward Lazarus

This Blog will

Expose the intellectual dishonesty, the flimsy arguments and the distorted data wherever they appear.

Challenge the punditocracy, and provide an alternative forum for discussing the day’s events. Welcome debate about politics and society, but constructive debate needs to be based on reason and facts.

I am doing my bit to hold the opinion-makers to these standards.

Quick Facts
Born: August 1, 1957 NAIROBI KENYA

Zodiac Sign: Leo
Family: Married wife Rehana in 1988, 2 daughters Laila (JCU studying Medicine) and Priya (St Joseph),1 son Sam(JCU–Studying Law)

– Graduated: University of Dundee Scotland (1979) – Major: BIOCHEMISTRY
– Centre International de Glion Switzerland (1982) – Major: HOTEL MANAGEMENT

–-Hilton International Nairobi
–Hyatt Adelaide
–Capricon Resort Yeppon

–Self employed since 1994 in Cairns ,Australia


Committees in Cairns

–Board Member St Joseph School

–Saints Swimming Club– President

–Cairns Junior Eisteddford—Vice President

–Cairns Show Association

–Lions Club of Cairns

3 thoughts on “About Raj

  1. The Perth Performing Arts Facility you wrote about is more like $90 million plus plus and is due to open in late Jan 2011. Dont know where you got $42 million from. Thought you should know this. Thank you

    • Hi Lisa

      Quite correct it is now costing $90 million ,the $42 million i got from the original Arts Minister Statement who when making the commitment for funding said it would cost$42 million.I guess the costs went up as they did the construction.IT is amazing how all these centres have doubled in cost from original estimates

      Tue 23 August, 2005

      Who will design WA’s new performing arts venue?
      Portfolio: Culture and the Arts


      Five acclaimed architectural companies have been shortlisted to design Western Australia’s new $42million performing arts venue.
      Culture and Arts Minister Sheila McHale said the 40 design concepts received from architects worldwide were short-listed after the jury panel gathered in Perth recently for the first stage of the international design competition CentreStage.

      Ms McHale said the firms invited to proceed to Stage Two of the competition included designers of Sydney Theatre, Singapore’s theatre complex and the Sydney Opera House refurbishment.

      The other firms were:

      •PTW Architects, Sydney in association with Jones Coulter Young, Perth;
      •Johnson Pilton Walker, Sydney in association with Utzon Associates Architects, Denmark;
      •Kerry Hill Architects, Singapore and Fremantle;
      •KPF, London in association with Theatre Projects Consultants International and Hoffman and Brown Architects of Cottesloe and Crawford Rattigan Associates of Nedlands; and
      •John Wardle and Partners, Melbourne.
      “Architects outside WA were encouraged to enter the competition in collaboration with a local architect or firm, forming a partnership, joint venture or consortium with architects licensed to practise here,” the Minister said.

      “The jury panel will meet again in November for the final stage of the judging process.”

      Ms McHale said the jury comprised Government Architect and jury chair Professor Geoffrey London, Professor Ad�le Naud� Santos, Dean of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Professor Leon Van Schaik, Innovation Professor at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Gus Fergusson, director of Fergusson Architects (Perth); Michael Lynch, chief executive, South Bank Centre (London); and Alastair Bryant, Culture and the Arts Director General.

      “The winning design will be announced in November, followed by an exhibition of all 40 submissions,” the Minister said.

      “The Gallop Government is improving the quality of services for Western Australians.”

      The new state-of-the-art performing arts venue will be built on the corner of William and Roe Streets, Northbridge by the end of 2008.

  2. Raj – not sure how to contact you – however, an item in the NT news today (11.11.11)may be of interest – re Bob Katter and hunting pictures.

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