Cairns and FNQ missing from Infrastructure Australia Priority List —We have to wait 15 years before we can have Light Rail, fix Smithfield Roundabout or have the Port expand/

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Click to access Australian_Infrastructure_Plan-Infrastructure_Priority_List.pdf



The Infrastructure Priority List Better infrastructure planning supports better decision making, and better decisions support better outcomes. The Infrastructure Priority List is a platform for better infrastructure decisions. It provides rigorous, independent advice to governments and industry on the infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years. Since its establishment in 2008, Infrastructure Australia has undertaken robust, independent assessments of infrastructure proposals and provided clear advice to governments on priorities for investment. This process has supported an improvement in the quality of infrastructure planning and proposal development across Australia. Establishing visibility of Australia’s infrastructure priorities is important for governments, investors, industry and the community. It can promote confidence in the economy, guide decisions on how to allocate resources, reduce the cost of infrastructure provision and help to retain specialist skills by providing industry with a clear forward program of works.

Infrastructure Australia is an independent statutory body that is the key source of research and advice for governments, industry and the community on nationally significant infrastructure needs. It leads reform on key issues including means of financing, delivering and operating infrastructure and how to better plan and utilise infrastructure networks. Infrastructure Australia has responsibility to strategically audit Australia’s nationally significant infrastructure, and develop 15 year rolling infrastructure plans that specify national and state level priorities.



Australian Infrastructure Plan The Infrastructure Priority List Project and Initiative Summaries February 2016

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