60 per cent of alcohol-related assault presentations to the Emergency Department at Cairns Base are from suburban Cairns not the CBD according to report done in 2010

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Around one-quarter of injuries in the large regional centre of Cairns that result from violence and require treatment in the ED at Cairns Base Hospital can be linked with the LNEP . Study 2 shows that just over 60 percent of presentations tend to be from suburban Cairns. In Cairns as a whole, the available information suggests that alcohol is involved in most injuries caused by violence. Around two-thirds of patients had at least one record of a previous admission due to assault and around three quarters of the patients were Cairns residents. Overall, much of the violence addressed by police and leading to injuries presenting to the ED in Cairns occurs in the suburbs. Including the LNEP, it is mostly Cairns residents suffering violent injuries who present to the ED.


Alcohol, assault and licensed premises in inner-city areas Scoping studies and baseline data collection for an evaluation of best-practice policing interventions augmented by collaboration with emergency medicine and local community agencies to reduce alcohol-related assault

Alan R Clough (PhD) School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences James Cook University

Charmaine S Hayes-Jonkers (BPsy, BSocSci (Hon1)) James Cook University, Cairns.

Edward S Pointing (BPsych) James Cook University, Cairns.

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