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Our Focus

Transparency and Accountability

NXT is strongly committed to transparency and accountability in all walks of life. Politicians must be open and up front with the Australian people. Australians who speak out against corrupt practices deserve to be protected. Public institutions must be accountable. And corporations must accept the social contract that they have with the community.

Jobs for All

NXT believes everyone who needs a job should be helped to find a job. This means creating the economic conditions that favour job creation. It also requires a renewed focus on education and a significant expansion of vocational training opportunities. NXT also favours socially just levels of support for individuals who find themselves out of work.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Australia needs to quickly move toward a cleaner and more affordable energy future. This will involve reduced reliance on unsustainable old technologies and aggressively pursuing energy opportunities through new technologies. Australia is uniquely placed to embrace renewable energy resources. NXT also believes Australian energy resources should be available to Australians before being available for sale to the rest of the world. Restrictions on the international sale of Australian energy resources would also help lower the cost of energy for consumers.

Predatory Gambling

NXT does not oppose gambling.  But we are strongly committed to ending all forms of predatory gambling. Poker machines are the most destructive form of gambling in Australia. They are designed to be addictive and are an unsafe product. We believe intervention is needed by Government to reform the industry. NXT is also concerned about the rise of online gambling as well as the corrosive effects gambling has on the sporting codes we all love. We oppose gambling advertising because of the impact gambling it has on all Australians, especially children.

Foreign Investment

NXT is not opposed to foreign investment. But any investment must be in Australia’s national interest. NXT is concerned that investment by foreign state-owned enterprises is distorting the Australian economy. Investment decisions by these state-owned enterprises are not made purely on economic grounds and are not necessarily in Australia’s national interest. NXT is also concerned about tax minimisation by multi-national companies who sell products in Australia, but who pay very little tax here. The less tax these multi-national corporations pay, the more tax Australian have to pay. NXT is also committed to honesty in country of origin labelling. When foreign products are passed off as local products Australian jobs end up going overseas.

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Source: Our Focus – Nick Xenophon Team

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