School maintenance will stop under Labor according to Treasury——–This funding has halted the growth in backlog maintenance, but with its cessation growth in backlog maintenance will resume over the forward estimates period. –

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Schools  and  Schools  Maintenance       The  Schools  Planning  Commission  estimates  that  over  100,000  new  student  places  in  over   40  new  schools  will  be  needed  by  2021  across  Queensland.    This  broadly  equates  to   approximately  79,000  new  state  school  students  and  up  to  1,300  additional  state  school   classrooms. Of  the  1,300  classrooms,  the  Department  of  Education and Training  (DET)  expects  that 700   will  be  required  over  the  forward  estimates  (2014-­15  to  2018-­19).    While  the  majority  of   these  would  be  delivered  in  existing  schools,  some new  state  primary  schools  will  be   required.     DET’s  capital  program  has  been  under  pressure  for  many  years.    The  annual capital   program  has  been  prioritised  towards accommodating  growth,  resulting  in  significant   maintenance  and  asset  renewal  backlogs.    Funding  for  new  schools  has  been  provided  on an  ad  hoc  basis,  while  at  the  same  time  DET has  been  constrained  in  terms  of  the   rationalisation  of  the  existing  asset  base.   In  the  last  three  years,  funding  has  been  provided to  help  address  the  maintenance  backlog   liability.    This  funding  has  halted  the  growth  in  backlog  maintenance,  but  with  its  cessation growth  in  backlog  maintenance  will  resume over  the  forward  estimates  period.









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