Was using the REEF to stop the Galilee Basin Coal mine a short term strategy by GREEN GROUPS ——Abbot Point opposition will need to switch tracks – Blog – ABC Environment (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Clearly the memory of past successes fed into the recent strategy on Abbot Point. It made sense for environmentalists to use the Reef in their campaigns against the Galilee Basin. Until now.

The problem is that it was always a short-term strategy. There was every chance that Adani could promise to carefully and diligently take their dredge spoil elsewhere, thus confounding the environmentalists’ campaign against the port as a whole.

That possibility has now been realised, putting the green groups in a difficult position. Their initial demands have been met, but they still oppose the project. They come across looking petulant and unreasonable.

While protecting the reef garners more publicity than opposing a coal mine, there is a risk that with the reef now ‘protected’ by these changes to the proposal, publicity for the bigger picture — stopping the coal mines — will fade to nothing.

All eyes will now turn the UNESCO and its upcoming decision as to whether the Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage status is ‘in danger’ from the coal port proposal. You can be sure that lobbying of the UNESCO committee from both sides of that argument will be fierce.




Abbot Point opposition will need to switch tracks – Blog – ABC Environment (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


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