Melbourne Lock Out did not work——O’Farrell blind to Victoria’s lockout failures | afr.com

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Mr Reece, who was deputy chief of staff to premier John Brumby in 2008 when the trial 2am lockout was implemented in Melbourne, says “instead of laboratories of democracies we have New South Wales adopting a failed Victorian policy”. He notes that whereas the Victorian lockout was deliberately established as a short trial, Mr O’Farrell has introduced his version as permanent law.

“We had KMPG review its effectiveness after the first three months and they found that both assaults reported by police and ambulance trips to hospitals went up in the hours before and after it,” Mr Reece told The Australian Financial Review.

“When thousands of people – of different social milieu, gender and states of intoxication – surge onto the streets, it creates a violent flashpoint. In Sydney this could occur twice – once at the lockout at 1.30am and then at last drinks at 3am.”




O’Farrell blind to Victoria’s lockout failures | afr.com.


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