QUEENSLAND Labor throw Bikies under the BUS——South Australia LABOR like Newmann VLAD laws——South Australia Parliament to be used to declare outlaw motorcycle gangs illegal | The Advertiser————But new Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath has not indicated Labor will definitely remove the offence from the criminal code, saying the Government will not base any decisions on specific court cases.

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THE State Government will declare more than 27 bikie gangs “criminal organisations” under new serious crime laws.

Advertiser.com.au can reveal the groups include well-known motorcycle gangs the Mongols, Rebels and Hells Angels as well as other lesser-known racially-motivated hate gangs.

As well as declaring these groups “criminal organisations”, the laws also specify certain premises that declared group members would be banned from attending and prevents two or more members of any of the declared groups meeting in public.

The new laws would make politicians the decision makers rather than the courts because the Government and police say the current court process is too slow and complex.

Moves to introduce similar laws through the courts since 2008 have lead to numerous legal challenges, including appeals to th


MARCH 2015:Attorney-General John Rau announces his intention to introduce laws that allow State Parliament, rather than the courts, to declare bikie gangs criminal organisations. Follows Queensland anti-bikie laws that were confirmed by the High Court.



South Australia Parliament to be used to declare outlaw motorcycle gangs illegal | The Advertiser.


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