Queensland will become like Greece if we do not control DEBT—-Lucky NSW will be in a strong postion after they PRIVATISE electricity assets and might give Queensland a LOAN

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The Greek parliament met to approve the referendum, with pro-European opposition parties uniting in condemning the decision and fuelling speculation that Tsipras’ leftwing government may have to resign if voters back the bailout in the July 5 referendum.

The offer from creditors requires Greece to cut pensions and raise taxes in ways that Tsipras has long argued would deepen one of the worst economic crises of modern times in a country where a quarter of the workforce is already unemployed.

Caught between fears of economic collapse and defiance of the demands from international creditors, many Greeks expressed shock, although opinion polls published in Sunday newspapers pointed to a majority in favor of accepting the bailout terms.



Greece Parliament Approves Referendum On Bailout.


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