QUEENSLAND DEBT borrowing to reach Greece levels soon —–Lucky we have the Federal Government to bail us out—-Borrowing from $2 BILLION to $10 BILLION

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Borrowing Program

QTC’s 2014-15 term debt borrowing program

Requirements 2014-15
AUD m*

New money


     Local Government and other entities#

Total new money

Net term debt refinancing





Total term debt requirement 7,000

* Numbers are rounded to the nearest $100 million
# Other entities include: universities, grammar schools, retail water entities and water boards.
Note: Funding activity may vary depending upon actual client requirements, the State’s fiscal position and financial market conditions.

Term debt

The total term debt requirement for 2014-15 fiscal year is $7 billion.

As at 31 March 2015, QTC had completed its 2014-15 term debt borrowing program.

Short-term debt

In addition to the total term debt requirement, QTC expects to maintain $5 billion in short-term debt throughout the fiscal year.

QTC’s annual term debt borrowing programs (actual and forecast*),
as at 31 March 2015








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