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Cairns Cultural Precinct an alternative view

October 20, 2011 3 Comments


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1)Let State Government build the MUSEUM next to White Shed,this is on Cityport land and not on Seaport Land =Cost $50 million totally covered by State Government with all landscaping.The Museum will have Exhibition Space which is what the Convention Center requires to hold more conferences.This would cater for Ports North need to develop their land also

2)Follow the Master Plan for Tanks Arts Centre and put seating , NEW STAGE and Air Conditioning ,this would give you a 500 seat theater more then adequate for 80 % of the Shows currently at the Civic Centre including the Eisteddfod–Cost $10 million

3)Once The Tanks is completed redevelop the current Civic Center to a 1000 seat facility with a Plaza into Munro Martin Park . Include a new Library and a James Cook City Campus-Cost $60 million using the $40 million of the Federal Government

4)Redevelop the area on Greenslopes Street with the Choral Society Theater, the Eisteddfod Hall ,RONDO THEATER which is already identified as the Cairns Cultural Precinct as the Cultural Heart of Cairns=Cost $2 MILLION







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