Why Raj Cairns Report is the number one news source in Cairns——WE PREDICTED one year ago CAIRNS CIVIC THEATER will be restored

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February 12, 2014
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–Mayor Bob Manning and ex Mayor Val Shier agree renovating the Civic Theatre is the best option——–”The team’s leader, Val Schier, yesterday said the proposed site on Sheridan St was not suitable and a future centre would be much better placed at the site of the Cairns Civic Theatre in Florence St.””———Would Val Schier still be Mayor if she had continued with her election promise————”A new arts and cultural centre will sit at the axis of Sheridan St and Mulgrave Rd creating a wonderful entry statement to the city.”

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July 8, 2013 by rajcairns | Leave a comment 1 Vote A CAIRNS 1st team will not go ahead with plans to build a new performing arts precinct but instead will upgrade the Cairns Civic Centre if it is elected this weekend. …Continue reading


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