Labor selling out to Katter Boys already in case they loose Cook in a bye election—–Queensland: State Government Announces Ethanol Expansion Plans | The Motor Report

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Queensland’s state government plans to expand the state’s renewable energy industry, focusing on biodiesel and ethanol.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said the renewable fuels boosted Queensland’s economy and brought environmental benefits over fossil fuels.

Queensland’s peak motoring group, the RACQ, supported the move, saying motorists were slowly embracing the use of E10 ethanol-blended fuels.

RACQ’s Michael Roth said E10 already account for around 10 percent of fuel purchases in Queensland.

“Motorists have become more comfortable in recent years with using ethanol-blended fuels, with E10 widely available in south east Queensland,” Mr Roth said.

“Previous governments have sought to introduce an ethanol mandate, but we agree that it’s time for further discussion on the issue.”



Queensland: State Government Announces Ethanol Expansion Plans | The Motor Report.



“I’m confident that Peter Wellington MP is a strong supporter of ethanol and if Billy Gordon MP also stands strong on the issue, along with KAP, then the Queensland Government will have no alternative but to deliver.

“The implementation and enforcement of an ethanol mandate must, by legislation, be under the control of a commission independent of Government,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter has pointed to Australia’s fuel security, the economic prosperity of our sugar cane farmers and public health as strong drivers for the introduction of an ethanol mandate.

Mr Katter said that in 2002 Australia was importing virtually no petrol, approximately $1,000 million worth per year. Today, approximately $25,000 million is sent to the Middle East to buy oil.

“Sending $25,000 million a year to the Middle East to buy oil, instead of sending it into rural Australia, is brainless stupidity.



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