680 Extra JOBS in Cairns GONE if the Cairns Shipping Development Project does not take place

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Conclusions Following the Queensland Government’s announcement to improve cruise shipping access to Trinity Inlet, Ports North commenced studies for an EIS in accordance with the Terms of Reference from both the Federal and State Governments in April 2013. The Cairns Shipping Development Project is a community project that will support Cairns in taking its place as one of the premier cruise destinations in Australia, capitalising on the booming global cruise industry. It has been demonstrated in the EIS that the infrastructure improvements associated with the project can respond to and increase demand in cruise shipping by improving access and facilities at the port and generating significant and ongoing benefits for the broader North Queensland economy. By improving access for large cruise ships to the Port of Cairns, the project will inject an estimated $673 million in 2016 dollars (approx. $27m per annum) into the regional economy and create up to 680 extra jobs by 2041 significantly boosting local business, tourism and the economy. Port efficiencies for general cargo ships will increase and the project will enable future growth of the HMAS Cairns Navy Base. However, it is equally recognised that protection of the region’s major tourist drawcard, the Great Barrier Reef and other values that attract visitors, is an integral component of any proposal seeking to promote tourism opportunities in the region


eisdocs.dsdip.qld.gov.au/Cairns Shipping Development/EIS/Executive Summary and TOC/executive-summary.pdf.


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