3 Months probity in NSW for Casino Licence , 1 year in Queensland for Aquis—-Bribane Casino Probity breaks record done in 2 Months——There is an election slated for March next year and all probity, financial and legal investigations are scheduled for completion by mid-November.

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The NSW government has not helped matters by approving the unsolicited proposal by Crown Resorts to develop Barangaroo.  While Crown is clean, some of its associates are not, as shown by Four Corners. According to industry insiders, the NSW investigators did the best they could, but it was obvious that the government wanted Crown and its associates to be cleared – and they were cleared, in a record three and a half months. Incredibly, the chief of the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority even bragged about this “efficiency” despite ILGA  keeping Singapore operator Genting waiting for more than two years

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/comment-and-analysis/silence-speaks-volumes-on-alleged-links-between-crown-and-echo-casinos-and-organised-crime-20140917-10ib01.html#ixzz3Kzy1KDAa

The current Queensland situation is even worse, as you have a significant number of shadowy Chinese bidders (who have not been directly involved in the casino industry before) and their associates who are also supposed to be subjected to a quick-fire probity process from scratch.

Given their enormity and the global diversity of their business structure, it will be impossible to satisfy the broad requirements of the Queensland Casino Control Act in that time, particularly the provisions of Section 20.

As revealed here last month, one of the 25 per cent shareholders (Chow Tai Fook Enterprises) in Echo Entertainment’s consortium for the Queens Wharf acquired a 70 per cent stake in Sun City Gaming Promotion, a big junket operator in Macau, in January. The majority owner of this company, Cheng Yu-Tung, also owns 10 per cent of STDM, Stanley Ho’s company, which is the largest casino operator in Asia.

Queensland is relying heavily on NSW ILGA for probity investigations into the Queens Wharf project (albeit for the Crown and Echo components only) and will find it impossible to complete comprehensive investigations into Chinese applicants within the very short  time agreed. There is an election slated for March next year and all probity, financial and legal investigations are scheduled for completion by mid-November.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/comment-and-analysis/silence-speaks-volumes-on-alleged-links-between-crown-and-echo-casinos-and-organised-crime-20140917-10ib01.html#ixzz3Kzyo5RIj


Silence speaks volumes on alleged links between Crown and Echo casinos and organised crime.


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