Should Saudi financed Islamic Schools be allowed in Queensland—Founder of Standard Bearers Academy explains in his book , how everybody must convert to Islam —-but school is claimed to be HOLISTIC

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presenting Islam Today – Challenges and Thought Share: Presenting Islam in the modern world Paperback– December 5, 2012

Allah made Da’awa Fardh on all the Muslims. To show us how to do it, He sent His Anbiya. And told His Nabi Muhammad(SAWS) to follow their way. So the way of Rasoolullah(SAWS) is not only the best way in every phase and aspect of life but most of all in the purpose for which he was sent, Da’awatul Islam. Today in our anxiety to take the message of Islam to the world we tend to disregard the basic principles of this work and get caught up in Western concepts and lose our very identity as Muslims. Some have been so confused as to make Da’awa a means of earning their own livelihood which goes against the very spirit of Islam and against the single most critical differentiator; the common factor of every Nabi that Allah mentioned more than ten times in the Qur’an. Yunus [10:72], Hud [11:51], Hud [11:29] , Shu’ara [26:127], Shu’ara [26:109], Shu’ara [26:145], Shu’ara [26:164], Shu’ara [26:180], Saba’ [34:47], An’aam [6:90]. This booklet attempts to emphasize the importance of Da’awa and of following the Sunnah in doing it so that we are not deprived of the Baraka of this greatest of human endeavors – to save all mankind from the anger of Allah. We ask Allah for His Pleasure.


Strong Values

Standard Bearers Academy will be informed by an educational philosophy based upon five key principles: internationalism through understanding and appreciation of others; community service and the foregrounding of, compassion, sharing and social justice; environmental stewardship; self-discovery through adventure and sports; and global ethical and moral leadership. The values that the school will seek to inculcate in the students include;


Holisitic Education

The Academy will follow the Australian National Curriculum and students’ will progress on a study pathway toward the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Also offered will be the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

The Academy will be a learning community that is inclusive, dynamic and focused towards providing the leaders of tomorrow. It will use a unique teaching methodology of holistic theme-based teaching with individual classrooms for all key learning areas and subjects.

The school aims to develop holistic young people and nurture their inherent leadership abilities and allow their creativity to flower. It will have a particular focus on farming technology and rural activities in keeping with its location in Queensland’s agricultural heartland.

Presenting Islam Today – Challenges and Thought Share: Presenting Islam in the modern world Paperback– December 5, 2012


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