Amateurs’ Ball allowed on FOGARTY PARK with increased noise untill 12.00 in the CBD but AJ HACKETT function not allowed because of noise in the wet forest

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Fogarty Park was designed to accommodate major concert events. Location of the

facility within the CBD is seen as positive because of existing transport infrastructure,

accommodation, restaurants, hotels and emergency medical facilities. Council

Esplanade Management Policy has been developed to ensure that the impact on local

residents and businesses is managed. Council Local Laws include provisions to

regulate outdoor concert volumes on the Cairns Esplanade.

Outdoor concerts on the Cairns Esplanade are currently restricted to no later than

10:00pm at night. Any decision to extend a concert beyond this time has potential to

impact a wide number of accommodation houses in close proximity and cannot be

taken lightly. Any decision to extend an outdoor concert later than 10:00pm requires

specific Council resolution. The only exception to this is the annual New Year’s Eve

concert on the Cairns Esplanade, which has ongoing approval under the Policy





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