Should Cairns Port dredging be used to reclaim land on East Trinity———-Port expansion through land reclamation

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What is hydraulic fill?

Hydraulic fill is the process where sediment or rock excavated by dredgers from the seabed or other borrow areas, is transported

and ultimately placed into the designated reclamation area. For  each of these phases of excavation, transport and placement, a

hydraulic filling method is used, meaning that a soil and water  mixture is created to facilitate dredging, transport or placement of

the fill material. The fill material is then placed as a mixture of the  fill (sand) and water into the reclamation site.

But this is the simple mechanics. Before a land reclamation  project can commence, months or often years of research are

invested in determining the best possible work methods and  the availability and suitability of the hydraulic fill. The question

that has to be asked is: Will the hydraulic fill be able to bear  the buildings, the cranes and other infrastructure for the newly

developed/extended port?

How to build a land reclamation site

To begin with, the foundation of constructing a safe reclamation  site is collecting a wide range of data. Data collection includes

desk studies, field work and laboratory testing. It means gathering  bathymetrical and topographical data and geological and

geotechnical information in both the borrow and reclamation

areas. Add to that hydraulic, meteorological and environmental

data and then follow this with reporting on soil and rock

classifications and descriptions using various internationally

accepted standards.

This data is used during the pre-construction, construction

and post-construction stages. Geostatistical methods will be used

to develop models of the borrow and reclamation areas. All this

information can ultimately be applied to an environmental impact

assessment, which in most countries is a requirement in order to

get work permits.







https://www.iadc-dredging.com/ul/cms/fck-uploaded/documents/PDF Articles/article-port-expansion-through-land-reclamation.pdf.


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