New Mega City should be in the Tablelands and should be the Capital of a New State—————-

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AUSTRALIA’S first mega city could be shifted west-wards all the way to the north west shelf near the shores of Lake Argyle.

After months of intense analysis from a special working group on population and infrastructure tasked with determining a suitable location, delegates at the Northern Development Summit have been told that was the preferred location

Adm Chris Barrie, who chaired the group, said on Friday the location added a completely new dimension to the jostling between Darwin and Townsville as the big contenders for Northern development.

“This doesn’t put Darwin, Townsville and many other contenders out of the race,” he said.

“The reasons we’re looking at Lake Argyle is that this place offers an opportunity on 6700 hectares to build a model city of the future, whose airfields also give us a chance of flying directly into London and the rest of Europe from Australia while giving people a wonderful lifestyle and affordable housing on the shores of the lake.”








Lake Argyle could be home to Australia’s first mega city | Sunshine Coast Daily.


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