Why does Cairns Regional Council not have Tourism Levy on Tourism Business. like the Sunshine Coast

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Tourism and Major Events Levy

The Tourism and Major Events Levy assists in promoting tourism. A special rate is applied on all land that will receive a benefit from tourism, either directly or indirectly. This is applicable for the 2014/15 financial year.

This rate applies to all land that has been categorised in the table below. There is a minimum amount of $75.00 applicable to all land.

If you believe your property has been incorrectly categorised and this levy should not be applied, please complete the declaration form and forward to council:

Category Description Rate cents per $/RV Minimum
 A  Transitory accommodation – Urban  $0.2499  $75.00
 B  Transitory accommodation – Rural  $0.1874  $75.00
 C  Commercial and Industrial – Urban  $0.1250  $75.00
 D  Commercial and Industrial – Rural  $0.0937  $75.00
 E  Iconic Tourism  $0.2499  $75.00

You can find more details of the Tourism and Major Events Levy in Section 4.3 as well as Appendix 3 of the Revenue Statement [Word 5.5MB].


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