Royalties for Regions—–Should 25% of the wealth created each year in a region – stay in that region. ————-Royalries for Regions’ reach extended | Bundaberg NewsMail

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The LNP’s Royalty for the regions programme should be exposed for the fraud it really is. The LNP’s “Royalties for the Regions” is a poor and pale copy of WA Nat’s “Royalties for the Regions.”

1) It was in response to the campaign I ran as an independent at the last state election, in parliament and during the election campaign proper where I called for a “Royalties for the Regions” program (attachment 1) the same as the “Royalties for the Regions” program delivered by the WA state National party.

2) QLD LNP’s Royalties for the Regions is vastly different and of a greatly lesser value from the WA Nationals “Royalties for the Regions.”

3) WA Nats deliver about $1.2B a year extra to their rural regions – QLD LNP only deliver $1.2M a year extra to our country regions.

4) In government or influencing the policy of who is in government, the Palmer United Party will deliver to the Nation, what the WA Nat’s did for their country voters i.e.

5) It should come as no surprise that Clive Palmer has “Return the Wealth to the Regions” as one of his key National policies. Clive played a crucial role in creating and delivering Royalties for the Regions to the country people of WA. We’ll do the same for Hinkler and the rest of country QLD.

RobMessenger – Bargara






Royalties for Regions’ reach extended | Bundaberg NewsMail.


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