Would a new state in North Queensland result in more participation in the political process————Has the community in FNQ become disengaged due to excessive centralisation of administration in BRISBANE

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Fourth, the community has become more cynical of government through excessive

centralization of administration. Decentralization of government invites more

participation in the political process. It will improve the understanding and working

of the machinery of government. Many of today’s social problems are likely to be

better solved at the local level. For example issues in primary and secondary

education, health and social security programmes.


On the basis of democratic values alone, therefore, we should not allow

the elitists to talk us out of federalism. Its greater opportunities for

popular participation are a major political end in themselves. They foster

a sense of responsibility and self reliance. They lead to better-informed

public debate. And as Lord Acton said, they “provide against the servility

which flourishes under the shadow of a single authority”.






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