Activity Based funding to continue but do not fudge the figures which States are doing

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PETER DUTTON: Well part of the problem for some of the states is that they’ve overstated the amount of activity within the hospital. So in South Australia, for argument’s sake, where they’re not putting through the patients that they claimed that they would, they’re not getting paid for those services. And we’re saying: if you see more patients, if you do more hips and more knees, we will pay for that activity. So, this the incentive for the states to see more patients and the Commonwealth, as I say, will meet our funding obligations in terms of that activity. And I think that’s a fair arrangement, but we’re not going to pay for activity which is not taking place within public hospitals. I think most Australians, most taxpayers would see that as reasonable and that’s the basis upon which we’ve provided the numbers in the Budget.





Health Minister makes case for budgets increased health funding – 21/05/2014.


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