How many Hospitals could we have built for $38 BILLION —–How could Labor have wasted so many borrowed billions?

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SPENDING commitments of up to $38 billion on the National Broadband Network were locked in under Labor and the “overwhelming majority” must now be met to complete it, the Coalition has warned ahead of an overhaul of the project in the bush.

The Australian can reveal that a landmark review finds hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in rural and regional areas could miss out on super-fast broadband because NBN Co badly underestimated demand, although the review rules out costly plans to build and launch a third satellite to serve them….

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has accused Labor of locking in $34bn-$38bn of spending commitments on the NBN between 2011 and 2021 — before a “single cent” is spent upgrading the fixed-line network that will serve the other 93 per cent of Australia.

Turnbull needs to find a simple and unarguable way to quantify and illustrate the waste – and hang the responsibility for it on Labor before this becomes old history





How could Labor have wasted so many borrowed billions?.


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