Cyclone Palmer coming to QUEENSLAND next year —-Will he hold the balance of power after the STATE election——Will he allow a referendum on a North Queensland State——— Clive Palmer rejects claim he bought Senate balance of power | News.com.au——————-Life isn’t about money, it’s about the content of your character,” he said. “If you’ve got one meal a day — one meal a day is all I need now — and a warm bed and a woman that loves you really don’t need … anything else is a distraction really. “If you’re a smart guy you will only have one woman that loves you.”

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Today, he laid out a policy shopping list he wanted Mr Abbott to consider:

* Reinstatement of military orphans payment of $211 a year, dropped because it was to be funded by the mining tax: “If there was a provision like that (abolishing the payment) in the mining tax we won’t be voting for (the tax’s repeal). Because we don’t want to take money from the orphans of our dead servicemen.”

* Changes in provisional tax to move the payment date to the end of the year “when everybody had earned their money’’: “That would mean there would be $70 billion more in the economy.”

* Oppose Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme which would give women up to $75,000 to look after their new babies because it’s discriminatory. Mr Palmer said there was a case for more money going to lower-paid women: “A woman that’s got four children and not working doesn’t get anything. A working woman on $30,000 a year gets a lower amount than, say, a lawyer on $150,000 a year.”

* Provision agreement to support repeal of carbon pricing, but no specifics on related legislation: “As you know, we have been generally in favour of the abolition of the carbon tax.’’

* Reconsider media laws to take into account the “age of the internet”. While PUP has no detailed policy on this point, Mr Palmer said he would be non-judgemental “regardless of what you think about an individual”. “I’d be surprised in 20 years there are any newspapers here. They’re not profitable.”




Clive Palmer rejects claim he bought Senate balance of power | News.com.au.


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