The biggest WHITE ELEPHANT in Cairns history—–TOBRUK POOL REDEVELOPMENT—-$22 MILLION —-No money to build a POOL IN EDMONTON ——Will they have to drive to CAIRNS NORTH for swimming lessons

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x Further external funding investigation to take place within current financial year as

per Council resolution.

x Disruption to parking and traffic flow likely during civil works.

x Major scope change – Stage 1 and 2 of the master plan to be delivered concurrently

as soon as possible under traditional contract including the external carpark and

service road.

Project Milestone Estimated Date Completed?(9)

Project Charter approved September 2013 9

EOI Advertised February 2014 9

Detailed design approved June/July 2014

Construction start date (Traditional Contract) October 2014

Handover to Asset Manager complete December 2015

Financial Data:

FINANCIAL DATA FOR PROJECT PCC12253 as at 31/01/2014 25/02/2014

Council Approved Budget 2013/14: $1,102,154 $1,102,154

Expenditure to date (all years including committals): $1,062,252 $1,062,252

Original contracted amounts: $0 $0

Contract contingencies budgeted: $0 $0

Amount of contingency budget spent to date: $0 $0

(+) Variation additions as at 25/02/2014 $0 $0

(-) Variation deductions as at 25/02/2014 $0 $0



$26,000,000 $22,000,000


Council to approve the allocation of appropriate budget upon receipt of tenders for the

design and construction. Funding in future years will occur when staging and extent of

contract works confirmed









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