Tony Fung Vice Chairman of the board of Operation Smile —–Yet the Labor negative machine in Cairns still attack him——Operation Smile – About Us – Board of Directors

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  • The Honorable Sir David Akers-Jones, Grand Bauhinia Medal
    After graduating from Oxford University, Sir David Akers-Jones has lived continuously in the Far East since 1954. He served first in the Malayan Civil Service where he learned to read and speak Chinese. He has lived in Hong Kong since 1957 and ended his career in the Hong Kong Government as Chief Secretary and Acting Governor from 1985 to 1987. He was the first non-official Chairman of the Hong Kong Housing Authority from April 1988 to march 1993 and served as a Hong Kong Affairs Advisor to China from April 1993 to June 1997. He continues to live in Hong Kong where he is non-executive Chairman and Director of various companies. He is the President of Business and Professionals Federation and is actively involved in many voluntary and charitable organizations.
  • Mr. Tony W.C. Fung
    Vice Chairman
    Tony Fung, Chairman of Yu Ming Investments Limited and Yu Ming Investment Managing Limited, has had a career spanning over 20 years in the investment and securities industry and China trade. He is also a member of General Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, a member of Finance Committee of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Vice Chairman of the Chinese University of Hong Kong MBA Programmes Advisory Board.

Operation Smile – About Us – Board of Directors.


Quick Facts

  • Operation Smile China Medical Mission Ltd. (OSCMM) has completed over 52 missions at 23 sites in China since its inception in 1991.
  • To date, more than 8,500 children and young adults have received free reconstructive surgery in cities throughout China including Beijing (北京), Dujiangyan(都江堰), Hangzhou(杭州), Harbin(哈爾濱), Kunming(昆明), Lanzhou(蘭州), Lincang(臨滄), Linxia (臨夏), Linyi (臨沂), Meizhou (梅州), Nanchang (南昌), Nanjing (南京), Nujiang (怒江), Qingdao (青島), Shantou (山頭), Suqian(宿遷), Urumqi (烏魯木齊), Weixin (威信), Wuhan (武漢), Xian (西安), Zhaoqing (肇慶), Zhengzhou(鄭州) and Zhongshan(中山).
  • In China, one out of approximately every 600 newborn babies suffers from cleftings. Often, these children have difficulty in eating, speaking, hearing or breathing properly.
  • Currently, it is estimated that there are 2.5 million children in China suffering from cleftings. It is anticipated that as many as 35,000 babies will be born with a cleft lip or cleft palate in China in 2006 alone.
  • It takes as little as 45 minutes for an Operation Smile cleft lip surgery to change a child’s life.
  • In 2001, OSCMM launched the first medical centre at the Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital aimed at offering free reconstructive services to children suffering from facial deformities. OSCMM continues to provide state-of-the-art medical equipment to hospitals across China.
  • Since 1991, the annual Operation Smile Physician’s Training Program, held in the United States, has provided 53 Chinese medical professionals with training in advanced and specialized surgical techniques for the treatment of children with craniofacial deformities.
  • In 2005, OSCMM introduced a Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support workshop in China that was attended by 92 medical professionals.
  • Operation Smile offers educational opportunities including conferences, workshops and medical exchanges to Chinese medical professionals. A delegation of four nurses and four anesthesiologists from the Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital took part in an exchange program at Villanova University College of Nursing in Pennsylvania and George Washington University in Washington, D.C. in the United States respectively.
  • Three Chinese medical fellows participated in a Craniofacial Fellowship Program, focused on providing training in clinical leadership and cross-cultural skills, in the United States with Operation Smile Co-founder and CEO, Dr. William P. Magee Jr.
  • The Roger Annenberg 1st Shanghai International Plastic Surgery Conference, in partnership with the Shanghai 2nd Medical University and the Shanghai 9th People’s Hospital, was held in March 2004 in China. The conference was attended by more than 380 Chinese medical professionals from 54 cities in 22 provinces.

One thought on “Tony Fung Vice Chairman of the board of Operation Smile —–Yet the Labor negative machine in Cairns still attack him——Operation Smile – About Us – Board of Directors

  1. So glad you have put this out for general public, Raj. I do not know either why the left are attacking this family.

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