Arts Nexus and Cairns Regional Council Site Selection in 2003 said the Civic Theatre site was the best site in Cairns for a Cultural Precinct.How we ended up on Port Land we will only know when Val Scier writes her memories May 2, 2012 by rajcairns | 2 Comments

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Alternative proposals from Arts Nexus

In view of the State Government response, a meeting was organised between the General Manager Community and Cultural Services, the Manager Cultural Services and Facilities and the Executive Officer of Arts Nexus to discuss alternative options. Verbal notification was provided of the two alternatives concepts being developed by Arts Nexus.
Alternative 1: Development of a collocated Regional Performing Arts Centre and Regional Museum on the existing Civic Theatre site and the adjoining Ergon Energy owned site, with a future Florence Street overpass linking the site to Munro Martin Park. 
This site was considered in the 2003 Site Selection process
– The Arts Nexus concept looks to overcome this matter in part by staging construction of the various elements i.e. construct the 400 seat Studio Theatre beside the existing theatre first and then demolish the existing theatre; with construction of the main theatre and a regional museum to follow in stages.


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