Will the BLACK BLOC be in Cairns during the G20 —-I think i will leave town

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dsc_0053-635x421The black bloc has been getting loads of press recently. Do you think this media attention has been positive for you as a group even though you’re now the great black-clad bogeyman of British politics?
 Again, publicity is the oxygen of any movement. Obviously the press, whether it’s the liberal left or the reactionary red-tops, is going to say how terrible it is when kids are out rioting on the streets. Of course, it’s OK if it’s 
in Greece, or Afghanistan or somewhere that doesn’t threaten their own nice cushy job. But when it’s in the centre of London, then it’s all: ‘anarchist troublemakers’ this and ‘sinister masked subversives’ that. That’s only to be expected. What pisses me off more, actually, is when you get supposed radicals championing the ‘legitimate protestors’ but denouncing those who get stuck-in as ‘mindless’ or ‘hooligans’. As if everyone who has ever rioted, or been part of a revolution, has had some Hegelian textbook in their back pocket and a clear agenda in their mind.


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