Can Curtis Pitt explain why Jobs for the Boys is Alive with Labor as well——–Should be careful before he critizies the LNP FOR DOING EXACTLY WHAT LABOR DOES ————Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh joins Medibank as non-executive director | The Courier-Mail

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You’re Joking Posted at 4:49 PM December 04, 2012
What a joke, jobs for the boys is alive and well still.. Second joke is that In her long distinguished career in Qld politics where she and Labor run the state into the “financial Abyss”.. now they reward her with a seat on a board and pay her for probably 12 meetings a year.. how hard can that be!! Penny Wong may have just told ANNA to keep the seat warm for her, as she’s out of a job after the next election.

ANNA Bligh has scored what is believed to be her first post-political appointment with a Medibank Private board position.

Federal Finance Minister Penny Wong today announced the former Queensland Premier would join Medibank as a non-executive director from December 21.

“Ms Bligh has had a distinguished career in public office and her expertise across a wide range of public policy areas will be of great value to Medibank,” Senator Wong said.

Ms Bligh will replace Philip Twyman, who joined the board in December 2007.

A spokeswoman for Senator Wong said Medibank Private board members received $62,810 annually for their efforts, along with a travel allowance, under a package set by the Remuneration Tribunal.

Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh joins Medibank as non-executive director | The Courier-Mail.


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