Manal Alsharif another women standing up in the Middle East

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She is an inspirational figure that will be remarkable for future generations as the first Saudi woman ever to announce driving a car by herself.

Manal Alsharif, is one of hundreds Saudi women who seek their rights, justice, and dignity. She’s now another victim to the oppression of the Saudi police men. Manal in her attempt to challenge women driving ban in Saudi Arabia by the most pacifist way, through an event on facebook, has been arrested twice Sunday morning, May 22, by the hands of the religious police and without any apparent legal reasons. Furthermore, there’s no explicit law that prevents women from driving, Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal has said in interviews that he believes women should be allowed to drive and King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz is widely believed to favor lifting the ban.

Being in jail for 5 days now, Manal’s been threatened to loose her job at Aramco and custody of her 5 years old boy if she didn’t stop supporting the initiative. Her sentence has been extended by 10 more days.

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One thought on “Manal Alsharif another women standing up in the Middle East

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